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I think he is a good choice, but I think McCain would make a good president also. I will take you there one day. Everyone ate the same thing. He's always been kind to me. Two students are absent today. She talked him into buying a new house. I'm very glad I wasn't there. They are both good. There is no water problem at all. A gun might come in handy.
Snooker 147: - Hi, is Mrs. Smith there, please?
- She runs faster than I do.
- He got through his work.
- She intended to go shopping.
- He has taken over his father's business.
- This is what we want to know.
- The American Embassy.
- This is it.
- He gave me a bad cold.
- All of us want to live as long as possible.
I think it's time for me to leave. This is the only alternative. I crossed the river by boat. What time do you go home? Would you mind lending me your car? There's a big hole in your sock. I'm going to see him tomorrow. Beware of the dog! I promise you I won't ever leave you. It's hot today, isn't it?

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