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Fashions change quickly. I'd be happy to attend your party. How did they escape? Do you mind if I turn on the radio? Would you like to rent a movie? I'm satisfied with my work. It was a terrible affair. We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious meal. Tom asked for more coffee. How are you, Tom?
Swordfish Translation: - You'll always find me...
- A lot of people are dealing with hay fever now.
- Do you think they'll win the championship this year?
- Could you tell me...?
- I'm happy to see you again.
- I have a lot of homework to do.
- He is a teacher.
- Is that true?
- What's your religion?
- No problem. You can post it tomorrow.
I don't know if he knows it. I'll bring my sister to the party. I know that it is highly unlikely that we'll see any whales today. I'm not too keen on English food. Did you do your homework? Do you spend more time with your friends or with your family? She is attractive. You'll get there in less than ten minutes. What? He was disappointed that things didn't turn out as he'd hoped.

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